Modern music with a message that will make you dance, laugh and think!
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Music With A Message!
Music with a Message!
Modern music with a message that will make you dance, laugh and think.
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August 2013 Episodes:
Songs for Bradley Manning
  • Pub Date: Aug 01, 2013 - 12:01 am
  • Songs for Bradley Manning (revised)
  • Listen:
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  • Music honoring Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the truth-teller who, along with WikiLeaks, exposed U.S. war crimes and got sent to prison (and was tortured) after being charged with leaking the largest amount of classified documents in U.S. history.

    Song - Artist:
    1. Bradley Manning – Flobots
    2. WMD - Blow Up Hollywood
    3. Spin Cycle - The Herd
    4. Power Trip - Public Property
    5. I Was Only 19 - The Herd
    6. Wildflowers - Moses Atwood
    7. Peace Not War - GM Baby
    8. Slow Down Gandhi - Sage Francis
    9. We Want Your Soul - Adam Freeland
    10. Counter War Terrorism - Train Of Thought
    11. Treason Loyalty And Love - Brenna Sahatjian
    12. Fight Back - Son Of Nun
    13. Song For Bradley Manning - David Rovics